Paul Insect art

Paul Insect aka PINS aka just plain Insect.

Paul Insect spider walk

Work by Insect prior to the Lazarides ‘Grifters’ show in December 2009. A young woman takes a spider for a walk through Southwick Mews, Paddington.

Paul Insect, Bethnal Green

Paul Insect in Bethnal Green, 2012

Paul Insect at One Foot In The Grove

Awesome stencil (?) work by Paul Insect at the One Foot In The Grove show in Ladbroke Grove, West London in October 2009. 

Paul Insect Poison Show, 2008

Paul Insect ‘Poison’ show. Playboy skulls, Kings Cross, London, September 2008. The room at the rear of the show hosted a collection of skulls with Playboy bunny ears creating a very striking theme for a new body of work.

Paul Insect Bullion Show at Lazarides 2007