Abandoned – Uxbridge Lido

Uxbridge Lido was a large and unique open air swimming pool in the West of London. It was originally opened in 1935 but closed in 1998 and fell into disrepair. Since this time it has been restored to operationand reopened as a new 50 metre pool (the first to be constructed in London for forty years).

These photos capture it at its worst condition – long after closure and before its return to use following a 25 million pound refurb. Although the pool and it’s structures were battered it still retained a strong sense of what it once was.

Uxbridge Lido in decay
Uxbridge Lido in decay
The pool at Uxbridge Lido prior to restoration
Uxbridge Lido – the original pool in decay
The deep end at Uxbridge Lido
Uxbridge Lido – the deep end

Walking around places like these sometimes isn’t so much about the here and now – it’s the feeling you get of what has gone. This would once have been full of happy people excited about just getting out there and diving into the pool on a hot summers day. 

The Changing rooms at Uxbridge Lido
Uxbridge Lido Changing rooms

Most of the structures are still present and this includes some of the smaller features. Maybe the most poignant part of the pool complex is this lifeguards chair still bolted to the top of its tower since the pool closed back in 1999. 

Uxbridge Lido lifeguard tower and chair
Uxbridge Lido lifeguard tower

Finally here is one of Uxbridge Lido’s iconic features, the water fountain.

The fountain at Uxbridge Lido
Uxbridge Lido Fountain

To find out about the present incarnation of Uxbridge Lido search for Hillingdon open air pool