Feltham Pits – Car Graveyard

Car graveyard at Feltham pits. These photos are from the early 2000’s – quick note for all budding movie / music video makers this area no longer looks like this (I often get asked this).

The first set of photos are taken around the old Bedfont Pits area. All of the cars have since been removed and the area returned to parkland with paths and a focus on encouraging wildlife.

Car graveyard
Feltham car graveyard
Ford sierra, fore damaged
Burnt out Ford Sierra
Fire damaged car, Bedfont Pits
Fire damaged car, Bedfont Pits
Wrecked car
Wrecked car – this area has since been cleared up and is now part of an extensive park

Adjacent to the Bedfont Pits site is an area closer to Feltham which runs alongside the railway line. Again this area has been completely cleared up and is now just a straightforward park popular with dog walkers. These photos of wrecked, rusting and burnt out cars were taken in around 2003.

Burnet out cars
Line of burnt out cars in Feltham, West London
Dumped cars
These photos have generated a lot of interest over the years from film, tv and music video producers. Sadly (for them) none of this exists anymore
Burnt out cars
Burnt out cars next to the Waterloo to Staines main line
Car graveyard
There were dozens of burnt out cars in this area close to the railway line in Feltham
Mangled cars
The mangled remains of several cars
Burnt out car by Watermeads
Burnt out car close to Watermeads housing estate
Graffiti on cars
Graffiti on abandoned and burnt out cars in Feltham, West London
Jano graffiti on van
Burnt out van featuring graffiti by Jano (RIP) on the side