Uxbridge High Street to Denham Branch Line

Just two and a quarter miles long the line from Uxbridge High Street to Denham was opened on 1st May 1907. Although proposed the connection between Uxbridge High Street and Uxbridge Vine Street was never made which restricted its usefulness for the already scarce amount of passengers. The line was disrupted during both World Wars with a period of closure between 1917 and 1919 as part of an economy drive and its final closure to the public on September 25th 1939. Freight continued to use the line right up to February 1964. 

Uxbridge High Street to Denham disused railway line
Still there, a section of rail rusting in the undergrowth on the embankment
Old rotting rail sleepers intertwined in a tree
Pedestrian tunnel under the old embankment