Hounslow West Station

Hounslow West Station was designed by Charles Holden and opened in 1931. It is on the Piccadilly Line between Hatton Cross and Hounslow Central and served District Line trains up until October 1964.

The booking hall is a seven sided (heptagonal) shape which is mirrored in the interior light fitting which has a chandalier with seven lamps. The external walls have a Portland stone facade to the front and it still has its original wooden ticket booth inside (disused). Hounslow West’s booking hall has been a Grade II listed structure since 1994 due to ‘the richness and completeness of the building, as well as its unusual and striking form’.

Hounslow West used to be the terminus of the Piccadilly Line until it was extended to Hatton Cross in 1975 and Heathrow in 1977.

Hounslow West Station
Hounslow West Station
Hounslow West Underground
Booking hall roof with bespoke underground roundel windows. This is the view from the back of the building. The roundels to the front are coloured.
Hounslow West booking hall
Hounslow West station booking hall designed by Basil Ionides