Park Royal Station

Park Royal Station sits between Alperton and North Ealing on the Piccadilly Line of the London Underground. It was opened on 6th July 1931 as a temporary wooden structure and replaced the previous Park Royal and Twyford Abbey Station.  The current station was opened in February 1936.

The styling of the building is art deco much in the signature look of architect Charles Holden but it was in fact designed by Welch & Lander. The two most prominent architectural features are the stacked shapes style which is very apparent when viewed from the platform and the square tower that enables it to be seen from a distance.

Park Royal Station Entrance
Park Royal Station (Photo: Steve Cotton)
Park Royal Underground station
Park Royal Underground Station (Photo: Steve Cotton)
Park Royal art deco
Park Royal Station art deco styling (Photo: Steve Cotton)
Park Royal Ticket Hall
Park Royal station ticket hall (Photo: Steve Cotton)