Crisispoint Zine

Crisispoint was a fanzine covering the UK punk and hardcore scene between 1985 and 1988. There were three issues published. The fourth one formed much of the content of the last issue of UK Resist 6.

Crisispoint zine issue 1

Crisispoint 1 – 1985/6, 250 copies. Interviews with Subhumans, Culture Shock, Maniac, Concrete Sox, HDQ, Oi Polloi and Maniac.

Crisispoint point zine issue 2

Crisispoint 2 – 1987, 750 copies. Interviews with Conflict, Civilised Society?, Chumbawamba and Bad Dress Sense.

Crisispoint zine issue 3

Crisispoint 3 – 1988, 2000 copies (split issue with Polka Slam Zine with 7″ EP featuring Bolt Thrower, HDQ, Instigators and Culture Shock). Inter views with HDQ, Dan, Extremes tour diary, Vicious Circle and Henry Rollins