Attitude – the band that evolved from hardcore legends Attitude Adjustment playing the Mermaid, Stratford Road in Birmingham’s Sparkhill district on December 12th 1987. With Tezz Roberts (ex Discharge) on guitar and Andy Airborne running the aerial department. Also on the bill that night were Napalm Death and from Sheffield, Bad Blood. The gig was put on by Daz Russell and was 2 quid to get in.

In attendance at the crowd at this gig was Paul ‘Oddy’ Hoddy from Broken Bones / Conflict who was taking pictures on the other side of the stage from me. A photo he took from this night appears on Attitude’s ‘The Good, The Bad and The Obnoxious’ 12″ EP on We Bite records and includes me in the frame.

Tezz Roberts - Attitude
Tezz Roberts playing guitar for Attitude
Andy Airborne from Attitude
Andy Airborne from Attitude
Attitude at the Mermaid, Birmingham
Attitude – american punk rock band at the Birmingham Mermaid