Infa Riot

INFA RIOT, British punk rock band Infa Riot at the London Punk Festival in 2012.   

Infa Riot were formed way back in 1980 and first appeared on vinyl with two tracks on the ‘Strength Thru Oi’ compilation LP. Releases in their own right followed in 1981 with ‘Kids Of The 80’s’ without its stand out artwork of a skull with a mohican catching the eye as much as the music caught the ear. The band followed this up in 1982 with their second single ‘The Winner’ and their first full length LP ‘Still Out Of Order’ all of which appeared on the Secret label. By this time bands associated with the Oi moniker were finding it increasingly hard to play with violence marring many gigs. As a result Infa Riot became simply ‘The Infa’s’ and toned their music down. However for many this took the heart and soul out of the band _ a fact not lost on the band themselves and they called it a day in 1983 after releasing their ‘Sound and Fury’ LP.  

Little story _ when the Infa’s released their Sound And Fury LP a music journalist in one of the weekly music papers said they had attempted something but that they ‘hadn’t got the musical ability to pull it off’. Cheekily the band put an advert in the same paper quoting the same journalist but shortening the quote to simply read ‘…got the musical ability to pull it off”! 

Infa Riot _ notable releases: 

Kids of the 80’s single (Secret) 

The Winner single (Secret) 

Still Out Of Order album (Secret) 

Infa’s – Sound and Fury EP (Panache) 

Infa’s – Sound and Fury album (Panache) 

Infa Riot feature in the book Burning Britain:

Lee Wilson – Infa Riot
Infa Riot
Infa Riot