Surf Weasel

Surf Weasel – a hardcore but at times melodic punk band from Kingston, South West London.

Surf Weasel existed from 1990 until 1993 but in fact they never really split up. Things just conspired to make rehearsals harder (like the drummer moving to Argentina before the Internet was invented) and the band went on a hiatus.

Surf Weasel were, are and always will be:

Surf Weasel
Surf Weasel

Surf Weasel L-R Pablo Videla – drums, Chris Nash – bass, James Jenkins – guitar, Steve Cotton – vocals

Not forgetting roadies and friends – Seamus D’arcy and Mike Lapworth

Vinyl releases:

A Mind of Your Own EP on Sisters Of Percy Records

Surf Weasel – A Mind Of Your Own EP (sold out)

Surf Weasel band photos

Surf Weasel – Fleet Bar, Dublin
Surf Weasel – Joiners, Southampton
Surf Weasel ’92 tour poster

Flyers and other bits and bobs

Decadence Within, Surf Weasel, Threshold Shift – Stoke Talbot Hotel, Saturday 25th April.
Surf Weasel and Cygnet Committee – Bacchus Bar, Kingston
Surf weasel in Kingston – 3rd November 1992
Surf Weasel in Kingston – August ’92
Surf Weasel set list

Surf Weasel interview in US fanzine MAXIMUMROCK’N’ROLL