Liberty…We Want The Real Thing LP

Liberty…We Want The Real thing LP – punk and hardcore compilation on Sisters of Percy Records, catalogue SG002LP. Released 1992. Full colour sleeve with insert.

Liberty...We Want The Real Thing compilation LP
Liberty…We Want The Real Thing compilation LP on Sisters of Percy Records


Side A:

  1. Compassion – And If This Is The Song
  2. Snuff – That’s Enough (live)
  3. Surf Weasel – Laugh It Up
  4. Suicidal Supermarket Trolleys – Phaze In Reality
  5. March of Anger – Creation
  6. Shutdown – Manipulation
  7. Wat Tyler – Steven Do

Side B:

  1. Exit Condition – Days of Wild Skies
  2. Pullermann – Suburban Girls
  3. Trench Fever – The Old
  4. Doctor and the Crippens – Fish
  5. Pashun – Introducing Thrash Metal
  6. Clifton Stark Sensation – Something Right On
  7. Citizen Fish – Same Old Starving Millions

More about the bands on the LP:

1. COMPASSION: And If This The Song. South London outfit formed out of the ashes of Anathema, the band featured in Ian Glasper’s The Day The Country Died book that sadly never made it to vinyl.

 2. SNUFF: That’s Enough – Recorded live at the Kilburn National Ballroom in 1990 and not included on their LP/CD of the same gig.

 3. SURF WEASEL: Laugh It Up – a not too serious hardcore thrasher reviewed favourably by Kerrang’s Morat at the time.

 4. SUICIDAL SUPERMARKET TROLLEYS: Phaze In Reality- an absolute hardcore classic from this legendary London band.

 5. MARCH OF ANGER: Creation. A real powerhouse of a song tinged with influences of metal and Killing Joke from the South London outfit.

 6. SHUTDOWN: Manipulation. The first ever vinyl release by Tewkesbury’s finest hardcore outfit.

 7. WAT TYLER: Steven Do. Wat Tyler knock out a fine version of the old Swell Maps favourite.

 8. EXIT CONDITION: Days Of Wild Skies. An alternative version of their LP track from the Stoke thrashers culled from their original demo.

 9. PULLERMANN: Suburban Girls. Representing Germany Pullermann were an entertaining and somewhat theatrical hardcore band with many other releases to their name.

 10. TRENCH FEVER: The Old. Another London band, Trench Fever’s song about ageing featured members of The Destructors and Bad Dress Sense.

 11. DOCTOR AND THE CRIPPENS: Fish. A unique recording sees the Crippens in a very psychedelic mood singing about their love of all things fish.

 12. PASH’UN: Introducing Thrash Metal. With fantastic guitar work, real heavy speed and completely unintelligible lyrics this was a real live favourite from this offshoot of Compassion.

 13. CLIFTON STARK SENSATION: Something Right On About South Africa. Anyone can make it onto vinyl and this four second song by solo artist Clifton Stark proves it!

 14. CITIZEN FISH: Same Old Starving Millions. Citizen Fish need no introduction, this version was recorded by the band on a four track in August 1991.