Polka Slam / Crisis Point zine split issue with four track EP

Polk Slam and Crisis Point zines joined together in 1988 to create a 112 page issue accompanied by a four track 7″ EP record with Bolt Thrower, Instigators, Culture Shock and HDQ. Catalogue: SG001 / Soppy Gothy 001 – the first release on our own Sisters of Percy Records.

Polka Slam / Crisispoint split EP
Polka Slam / Crisispoint split EP with Instigators, Bolt Thrower, Culture Shock and HDQ

Side A:

  1. Culture Shock – Upside Down
  2. HDQ – Looking Back

Side B:

  1. Bolt Thrower – Drowned in Torment
  2. Instigators – Disorder by Design

All tracks recorded especially for this EP as alternate versions.

SOLD OUT: 2000 copies were pressed and all sold thanks to punting them at gigs and punk distro’s too numerous to mention. This record came with a split zine of over 100 pages. Radio 1 DJ John Peel picked up on the EP at the time and played both the HDQ and Bolt Thrower tracks.

Listen to Culture Shock – Upside Down

Listen to HDQ – Looking Back

Listen to Bolt Thrower – Drowned in Torment

Listen to Instigators – Disorder by Design