Really – Lemar is a talent?

OK, I’m sure there are many Brit award rants around and I wasn’t going to comment but I just picked up a magazine in WHSmiths and the editorial by Peter Jamieson (Executive Chairman of the BPI) made my blood boil.
“Music doesn’t come from nowhere, it dosn’t come for free. It’s based on a lot of hard work, huge investments and tremendous risk (which is why we get upset when people steal music!)”
What a load of condescending rubbish – does he really think people would give up making music because their ‘industry’ (cos thats what it is) went bankrupt? The implication of all this is that we would get poor quality music if any at all if it wasn’t for the BPI and their ilk. Nonsense.
What they give is us is people like Lame Academy Loser Lemar winning the Best Urban Act and Duran Duran winning the Outstanding Flogging Of Back Catalogue award.Nonsense.
I could go on all day. Awards judged by panels (or in the BPI’s case “an academy…of over 1200 people working in and around the music industry”) are just a joke. If you want to know what the best single was don’t ask what these self important academies think – just go on who sold the most, theres really no other criteria. And no, I probably didn’t buy it either.

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