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Banksy – What Are You Looking At?

Everytime you go to London you are recorded by a ridiculous amount of CCTV cameras on your travels but is anyone actually looking at them?

Banksy – CCTV – What Are You Looking At?

Banksy – What are you looking at CCTV

2 thoughts on “Banksy – What Are You Looking At?

  • Anonymous

    I'm doing an art project on the subject of 'Surveillance' and realised that this would be a hilarious thing to add in.
    Could you tell me where to find it? All I know is that it's around Hyde park. Any more precise directions would be a treat.
    Thanks in advance

  • Anonymous

    This was found near an exit from Marble Arch tube underpass – there's 14 exits and I sorry but I can't remember which one it wa so happy hunting (but was by the toilet block if that helps)!


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