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Pic up your rubbish

Pic up your rubbish. Don’t know what to make of this sticker underneath a Dface sticker. It’s a spray can that’s being dumped. I’m filing it under a street artist rather than a ‘official’ Mayor of London campaign.

Pic Up Your Rubbish
Pic Up Your Rubbish

One thought on “Pic up your rubbish

  • Anonymous

    That's a recent-ish sticker from P.I.C writer from We Roc Hard late 80s all city graff kings of London with Robbo 484, Doze, Choci and Prime.
    PIC was originally a rap crew from late '86 with himself P**** as human beatbox, Mc Kann (later famed for Made in Two Minutes/ Labello Blanco) and Dj Dexter (who went on to form the Brotherhood) P***** took it on as a tag and started writing it, taking it all city from 87.
    The D-Face logo above it is directly stolen, this winged face logo from a Vaughn Bode comic, his 'Crew' Rebels Alliance is a direct bite of 'RA' Rebel Alliance famed late 80s graff crew started by Cab. His name also, there was a writer Deface in the late eighties.
    Only one sticker on that lampost is the real deal.


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