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Richmond Street Art exhibition (seriously)!

Walking through Marble Hill Park last Sunday I stumbled on a ‘Street Art’ exhibition poster. I followed the directions and ended up at the Old Stables by, I think, Orleans house. Was this some great exhibition that had somehow passed me by? Would it have Faile, Dface or Arofish rocking the walls?

Well, in a word, no.

It was great space with very little in it. There were some articles and pictures from websites on one wall. A list of all the pizza’s and KFC’s that had been consumed putting together the exhibition occupied another wall. Reading the exhibition blurb it became clear that it was part of an art course where two ‘professional’ graffiti writers were sharing their skills with the art students. The two remaining walls had pieces on – one by the professionals and one by the students. I don’t want to be unkind here so lets just say it wasn’t hard to work out which one was done by the professionals. They had done a great reworking of the view from the top of Richmond Hill which is often quoted as being the most painted scene in London and is subject to a preservation order. And it was really very good. Here’s a section  of it – I’ll put the whole thing up on artofthestate in the next few days. Excuse me if I don’t put up the students wall….

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