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45K, really?

Pictured below is Banksy’s ‘Kids on Guns’ canvas from Santa’s Ghetto 2003, where it was on sale for £450.00 (yeah, I know). I think it’s from an edition of 25.

The next time I saw a copy was at the War Child exhibition in 2006 where it was a cool £4500, But that’s OK – I’d imagine either all of that price or a hefty chunk of it was going to War Child, a fantastic charity doing fantastic work.

But really, where do get off knocking it out half a year later for £45,000? The weird thing is that when that gets reported in papers it probably reads as Banksy getting 45K for it, when in fact he might just have got a slice of £450 instead and he’s got nothing to do with Andipa or their prices. It’s no wonder he’s selling for more these days. We’d all get pretty sick of selling stuff one day to see someone making ten times or more with it a short space of time down the line….


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