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Pablo Fiasco

If a stencil could ever be called legendary this would be a contender. Going back a few years the jaw dropping detail and fine application of these typewriter stencils in London were and remain a quality benchmark. And the good news is that their creator, Pablo Fiasco, is running a free stencil cutting class on Saturday 19th May at The Spitz Music Venue, Gallery, Bar And Bistro, 109 Commercial Street, Spitalfields Market. The gallery also has a selection of canvases of his work on display until Sunday 21st May. More details here.

2 thoughts on “Pablo Fiasco

  • I went and was one of three people in attendance. It was great – he told us a ton of great stories about how he got his start, all the different people he's worked with – he even offered us legal advice if we were ever to get caught spraying.
    He let us try out a stencil-making technique using acetate and a soldering iron. Then we watched a graffiti documentary he filmed and put together on a TV monitor that was used on a motorcycle by Sylvester Stallone as Judge Dredd in the 1995 Hollywood film.
    All in all, a fantastic afternoon (also checked out the Pure Evil show). Thanks for all the great tips! Keep 'em coming!

  • Oh – forgot to mention: that venue, Spitz, which is a very, very cool place, is apparently going to be closed down and replaced by some soulless swank restaurant unless 17,000 people sign a petition by September. I added my signature to the list. I would encourage everyone to so the same. You can do so here:


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