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Frisson Gallery presents… Supa Dupa: ‘Rarities’ Exhibition:

Here comes the PR bit:

The Frisson Gallery is excited to present a new exhibition by the very talented London based, Supa Dupa crew…. 

Supa Dupa consists of six artists united by beer and good times. All hailing from roots in Graffiti, it is clear to see the impact that this genre has had on them. Their inspiration ranges from flash art, comic books, the sci-fi genre, and iconography. Now two years on from its formation, the crew have made a name for themselves (be it unintentionally) through their unique collaborative style usually seen within murals and conceptual pieces. 

Their very first group exhibition, ‘Rarities’ features the collaborations of: Alfa, Herse, Fybe, Tobe, WordToMother, and Mesek. The exhibition shall prove an insight into a unity that can exist between various styles of graffiti and works that steer more towards that of fine art. To find out more about the exhibition and the individual artists please view the Frisson Gallery website. 

The Frisson Gallery is open Monday to Saturday 10:00 till 18:00 and Sunday 11:30 till 17:00. The Gallery is free for the public to view and accessible by wheelchair

More details here:

Sickboy in Shoreditch


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