Feltham Tales #1

I can see what’s going down. The two guys on the other side of the room are quite obviously intending to come over to fix me up. One has already suggested I keep inhaling the drugs he offered. I willingly accept his advice. The other guy I’ve never spoken to but already he’s looking like he’s sizing me up. I know their intention and I decide there and then that the less I know about it the better. I take hit after hit until I go dizzy as they come over and tell me “it’s time”…
…And that’s when they shove my arm back into my shoulder. Three hours earlier I’d slipped off a steep grassy bank (don’t ask) and felt my arm go numb. Then start throbbing. Then really begin to just plain hurt. Then I’d noticed that my shoulder felt different and that my arm seemed longer. Realising that made it really fuckin hurt. You can hardly put your own arm back in – that only happens in films – and so it was off to hospital. Dislocated shoulder.
Cheers guys, it’s getting better all the time.

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