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More Banksy pieces lost

Posted over on the PC Advisor blog by Simon Jary is an interesting and saddening article about the demise of two long running Banksy pieces – the Clerkenwell Cash Machine and the Gallery Attendant near Arsenal’s Emirates stadium. Both have been in part roller painted over and then a rough stencil put over the top with the words ‘all the best”. I actually prefer this treatment to the cut out and keep Ebay brigades looting London at the moment. Street art should die in situ if it’s going to go….

In recent weeks several other pieces have acquired metallic painted extras – trainers on the Pollard Row painter and  a dollar signed ball and chain on the Bethnal Green artist.

Pics below:

Clerkenwell Cash Machine (picture Simon Jary – PC Advisor)

Gallery attendant near Emirates stadium (picture Simon Jary – PC Advisor)

Pollard Row painter, new shoes (picture by Matthew).


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