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The Cans Festival

Start shaking your cans, check your face masks, sharpen your best scalpel knife because the Cans Festival is on this weekend. Promising a huge array of artists working only with stencils there’s also going to be an opportunity for anyone to turn up with their own stencils and decorate the walls in the designated area. Outside of this area normal British legal system┬árules apply.

Full details are on Event location will be announced at 10.30am on Friday 2nd May on the cansfestival website. Event runs in London this weekend 3rd, 4th and 5th May 2008.

Artists listed so far are:

Bsas Stencil / Run Don’t Walk / James Dodd (dlux) / Tom Civil (civilian) / Vexta / Prism / Daniel Melim / Altocontraste / Bandit / Roadsworth /3D Del Naja / Artiste-Ouvrier / Blek / Sten / Sadhu / C215 / Lucamaleonte / Lex / Orticanoodles / Kaagman / Dolk / Pobel / M-City / Vhils / Btoy / Coolture / Schhh / Borbo / Sam3 / Faile / John Grider / Logan Hicks / Pure Evil / Dot Masters / Dan / Eelus / Banksy

and maybe you?

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