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Cans Festival Part 3

Well the Cans Festival is over now and the installs are supposed to be in the process of being removed as I type. The graffiti on the walls in the tunnel may yet last another six months or six hours. Who knows, certainly not me.

Well done to the organisers for putting on such a first class show. It must have cost a small fortune to get the tunnel cleaned up, the exhibits moved in, hire all the staff and do all the paperwork and insurance and whatever else there is to do with organising such a large event. Luckily for us we just turn up and walk around for free. Which is nice.

So much good work to see, apart from the obvious contenders I especially liked the Vhils face sculptures and the madness that was the free for all wall area.

If you didn’t get down there heres some flicks of what you missed. I’ll be adding a full review of the cans festival to artofthestate shortly.

Banksy CCTreeV

Pobel Watering Can

Vhils Face Sculpture

Banksy Tagger Leopard

Snub stencil

2 thoughts on “Cans Festival Part 3

  • thanks so much! i have just returned from leake street with some pics of some bloody brilliant pieces but i was stuck on some artists names. you have helped me out with a few do you have anymore or do you know where I can find some more names out? congratulations on a great site.

  • Anonymous

    If you need help with any of the names just email me via the contact link on


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