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Hurricane Katrina – third anniversary

Banksy has been busy in New Orleans on the eve of the Third Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. There’s around a dozen new images which are being widely reported around the world. Sky News has a photo gallery courtesy of and Melfeasance over on the Flickr Banksy group is doing a great job of collating other peoples photos of the work. There’s some interesting views as to the meaning behind the images – from their relevance to the American governments reaction to Katrina and the response they give to New Orlean’s infamous graffiti buffer. I think the writing I have read that gives the best insight into these images is the NOLArising blog which incorporates Banksy’s images into a narrative of the problems facing New Orleans. More pictures now on

(images ‘borrowed’ and cropped from



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    if your interested in reading more about this, with a local comment, may I suggest
    Banksy Storms New Orleans: Banksy vs the Grey Ghost


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