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Shows round up part 1

Kounter Kulture / Dave White – Planes, Tanks and Automatics

Both of these shows occupy a huge space in the Truman Brewery complex in London’s Brick Lane. First up is Kounter Kulture (hmmm, not exactly counter-culture when drinks are supplied by Red Bull and credit facilities are available fom Barclays)! It has  a wide variety of street artists you may be familiar with (Eine, Pure Evil, Copyright Jef Aerosol and more) along with a whole host of other artists operating via many mediums. Second up (and in the same building) is Dave White’s exhibition of a new body of work. Three things hit you when you see this for the first time –  war comics, pop art and massively textured action painting – fantastic stuff. All in all both exhibitions make a trip well worth while (though you’ll need deep pockets to take anything home with you).

Chen Quichi at Kounter Kulture

Dave White

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