Jon Hammer’s buy’n’dry

Jon Hammer sent artofthestate an email to spread the word that he will be running a Buy’n’Dry Custom Print Workshop at Brick Lane Gallery on the two weekends of his exhibition, 29th -30th November and 6th-7th December from 1-6pm. I like sound of an artist who started off daubling punk slogans, worked his way through eighties graffiti and acid house to end up where he is today.

On the first weekend he will be working on various prints of his paintings including ‘It’s About to Blow’ and ‘Rewind the Crystal Shells’.  All are Giclee editions on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag paper.

Jon will be making spontaneous freestyle transformations in a variety of media and then signing. All will be available to take away on a Buy’n’Dry basis.  Each piece will be a unique reinterpretation of the original work, not just a dab or two of colour.

A brand new series of editions will then be released for customising on the second weekend.

His entire show runs from 28th November to the 8th December. Paintings, prints and signed exhibition posters will be available for sale.

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