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Banksy spot hit up by Mantis / politics found at last

For years Banksy has had pieces running on this spot by Old Street Tube station but its run empty for a couple of months now. Maybe the most famous of these Banksy pieces was the Pulp Fiction with bananas piece which disappeared a few years back.

This was recently replaced by Mantis with some very obvious nods to Banksy’s work. In fact a fair number of people believed the new image below was by Banksy.

I’d imagine that Mantis thought long and hard about hitting this spot and the best way to do it. I personally don’t think this piece is in any way dissing Banksy’s work and it must have been tricky to paint. That’s not because the cops are good at their job of catching vandals – I’m talking more of the constant calls from Shoreditchites walking below shouting up “Are you Banksy? Can you sign my year book”?. That and the fact that the owner of the nearby pub has a fearsome reputation for catching people up on that roof.

This was a nice find too – some outright political graffiti in North London:

there’s not enough of this stuff about….

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