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Grifters – opens at Lazarides this week

Just when we thought street art was dead the buildings of the city are once again adorned with work worthy of getting on a tube just to go and have a look at. There’s plenty of it too courtesy of artists involved in the Lazarides ‘Grifters’ exhibition which opens in Rathbone Place later this week. and Wallkandy‘s Flickr stream are the places to watch to find out locations and see the best pictures of the artists in action. On Tuesday I took a copy of Laz’s published locations and set off around town in the freezing weather to see what I could find. Pictures below:

Paul Insect in Southwick Mews, Paddington

Vhils in Oval Road, Camden

Invader in Charlotte Road, Shoreditch

Mode 2 in Rathbone Place, off Oxford Street

Charlie Isoe, Kean Road, Holborn

One thought on “Grifters – opens at Lazarides this week

  • Anonymous

    I absolutely LOVE Paul Insect's girl with a spider in Southwick Mews, Paddington and discovered it one morning whilst taking my two boys to school – they love it too. I live in London Mews, any chance we could have one too please??


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