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We’re going on a Roa hunt (part 2)

Roa’s back in town and creating more of his giant creatures. These two are a bit special and have appeared in London in December.

First up is this lenticular effect piece in Curtain Road, Shoreditch where Dr D originally carried off the same trick earlier in the year. Its interesting to watch the reaction of passers by as they slowly twig what is going on as they go past. It puts a smile on peoples faces which isn’t a bad thing to do when the temperature is sub zero at the moment.

from the left      > from the right

Roa in Curtain Road from the front

Armed with a location from the all seeing Nolionsinengland I arrived at the second spot (there’s a third to be discovered as well) to be confronted by a man marching towards me shouting “Oi, did you do that?”. Turns out he likes it and was working on the housing estate site next door. “Much better than your normal “Kev shags Lynda” or “Up the Spurs” innit? I mean its not exactly a pretty wall” he comments. It’s a common reaction to Roa’s work. People like it and get it. They don’t see it as graffiti but in many instances it quite clearly fits the legal description of it. The question ‘What Is Graffiti?’ has been running round forever but my favourite quote on the subject of graffiti is from the excellent ‘Crack and Shine’ London graffiti book:

“You see there are two types of writers, those who paint trains and those that don’t. For one it is a weekend hobby performed with other Dad’s, for the other it is an obsessive way of life that can sometimes feel like being in a bad marriage where all your clothes, property and freedom can be whisked away from you by a knock on your door”. TPG

more from Roa:


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