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Banksy in Camden part 2

I’m a bit late in putting this unofficial Banksy video on artofthestate. I’ve not mentioned it yet but hooked blog, arrestedmotion and slamxhype have already posted it so seeing as I made it I guess I’d better post it too! Anyway, it’s a 1 min 20 second walk through of the latest Banksy pieces on the Regents Canal in Camden; ‘graffiti wallpaper’ incorporating a pretty trashed but legendary Robbo piece, ‘I don’t believe in global warming’ on the waterline of a block of flats, ‘fishing boy’ under Oval Road and ‘aristoc-rat’ on the canal bank.

Banksy in Camden video

Now the piece in the picture above has stirred up a real hornets nest. For a recap of the whole story revealed so far head on over to for details of how when Banksy incorporated a 25 year old graffiti piece by King Robbo he enraged many already pissed off hardcore London graffiti writers into open hostility. And you’ll get to see the classy riposte by King Robbo which has incorporated the Banksy piece into his work. Interesting reading indeed.

Following on from December 19th’s post another way to separate the two types of graffiti writers has appeared. “There are two types of writers. Those who paint Christmas Day and those who don’t. For one it is a chance to eat mince pies with the family, for the other its a chance to take advantage of a tube network standing still and on skeleton staff”.


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    Nice blog check mine if you have time for the latest on the very best in Birmingham Graffiti.
    Happy new year by the way.


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