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Ben Eine’s gift to President Obama

Yes you read that headline right. In a strange turn of events that probably has left Ben Eine thinking he may have entered a parallel universe a painting of his has apparently ended up in the mits of US President Barack Obama via David Cameron and his wife Samantha. ‘Twentyfirstcenturycity‘ by Ben was given as part of a gift exchange between the two men after Ben was asked and he “had a bit of think about it and thought: yeah, I suppose so”. According to the Times he added “I would definitely not have done it for Bush”.

It’s not such a stretch as it first seems – Samantha Cameron works in the luxury goods sector and Ben recently allowed his font to be used by a top end handbag designer.

I was trying to work out what I thought about the whole thing this morning – should he do it, what does it do for his credibility and then I remembered that I’m just writing a blog and it really doesn’t matter a jot what I think. If its good for Ben then I guess I’m happy. But I would have been more than happy with the two fingered approach too.

2 thoughts on “Ben Eine’s gift to President Obama

  • Anonymous

    Actually you have it mixed around! It was Obama who gave Brown the DVDs while he received an ornamental pen holder made from the timbers of the Victorian anti-slave ship HMS Gannet.

  • Anonymous

    You're right of course. Stupid me! I shouldn't read as fact something I picked up on a forum. I've deleted the comment in the post to avoid any further confusion but will leave these comments in here. Thanks!


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