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Banksy – ‘I Love You’ found (well, sort of no.2)

Well a second Banksy piece on the Isle Of Wight has been found, or rather like Keep Britain Tidy a couple of days ago its actually just the location that has been found. ‘I Love You‘ with its timer was in Ventnor but has been lost as well. You can see exactly where it was and have a look at its context here. A local described the loss of ‘Keep Britain Tidy’ as being “like when the Taliban blew up them statues”. As Oscar Wilde probably never said “To lose one Banksy may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose both looks like carelessness”.

Our newly appointed  Isle Of Wight Banksy correspondent assures me that moves are under way to find the third Banksy ‘No Future’ if it is on the island to make sure it is not painted over by the council. You can read more on the ventnor blog

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