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Temwa ‘ Art For Africa’ Charity auction

Eelus work up for auction at the Temwa charity auction in Shoreditch, December 4th 2010

I wouldn’t normally mention a street art / urban art auction but this one is a bit special. Temwa is a Bristol based organisation working with communities in Malawi on sustainable development and they’ve pulled together an impressive list of contributing artists for their charity auction at Jaguar Shoes, Shoreditch on the 4th December.

Artist list: 3Dom, 45rpm, Adam Hemuss, Ben Wilson, Blood Sausage, Cheba, China Mike, David Walker, Dicy, Dora, Duncan Morris, Eelus, EPOK, FLX, Harry Cresswell, Helen Bridges, Hero 73, Inkie, Jefrow, JK47, Kiran Chahal, Lokey, Lucy Bainbridge, MKWF, Mr. Jago, Mrs. Hoodlum, Nickill, Paris, Phil Ashcroft, Rich Fairhead, RichT, SPQR, Stefan Pletz, Stencil Fellow, The Art Tart, The Toasters, Tom Hine, Will Barras, Xenz

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