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Voina – Get Out of Jail Card Played

Remember the Banksy ‘Choose Your Weapon’ print released by Pictures On Walls last December? Those lucky enough to have secured one might like to know that their money has successfully gained the release from jail of Oleg Vorotnikov and Leonid Nikolaev from the Russian art group Voina. Bail was set at a frankly ridiculous 600,000 roubles with the authorities no doubt certain that two individuals alone were never going to raise that. What the court were probably unaware of was that the cash from the 400 CYW prints had winged its way to the pair and was promptly produced to release them from a pretty notorious St. Petersburg jail. Keep up to date on the story on

Elsewhere a big thanks to B. Land for allowing me to use his pictures of the most recent LA street pieces. He has loads more excellent quality shots on his Flickr stream of the elephant tank and Foreclosure pieces along with other LA area street art – go take a look here.

This Looks A Bit Like An Elephant: Photo: B. Land

Banksy Foreclosure: Photo B. Land

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