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Banksy – The most perfect piece of art on The Antics Roadshow

Saturday night:

So you’ve probably already seen Exit Through The Gift Shop if you’re reading this blog and maybe you’re not so excited that you’d stay in on a Saturday night to watch it again on TV ‘cos you’ve got it on DVD with the sticker pack, the glasses and everything (unless like me you’ve lent it to your mate who said he’d give it back around Easter but hasn’t quite go round to watching it yet  – AG are you reading this)? Anyway Saturday see’s the premiere of Banksy’s ‘The Antics Roadshow’ film at 10.30pm on Channel 4. From the picture on the Channel 4 website and from Banksy’s own mouth in a 2006 interview with him by Shepard Fairey I’d say it’s highly likely to include amongst others the following impromptu reworking of a British icon.

Banksy: “The most perfect piece of art I saw in recent times was during an anarchist demonstration in London a couple of years ago. Someone cut a strip of turf from the grass in front of Big Ben and put it on the head of the statue of Winston Churchill. Later, the demo turned into a riot, and photos of Winston with a grass Mohican were on the cover of every single British newspaper the next day. It was the most amazing bit of vandalism, because it was the perfect logo for this eco-punk movement that was trying to reclaim the streets, bring an end to global capitalism, and defend the right to sit in a park all day getting wasted on discount lager”.

Winston Churchill’s Mohican (photo: )

Enjoy and maybe be a bit inspired….

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