Fracas in Brixton

…Or Stockwell to be precise, at The Grosvenor, Sidney Road. I went to see the Subhumans who were joined by artofthestate’s favourite three quarters Italian punk band Blatoidea and oddly enough two bands from Oakland, USA. Fracas and Kicker were over on these shores for BOBFest, a pretty unique music festival. I say unique because you’d be hard pushed to find another event based on combining the musical talents of Bremen (GER) Oakland (USA) and Bath (UK). Anyway I digress a bit (as usual), every band were great, Subhumans and Blatoidea were on fine form as ever and Kicker even did a cover of the Partisans classic 17 Years Of Hell. Great stuff, but one of the highlights for me was discovering Fracas. I wish I bought the CD’s they had on offer but I did record this track which I think is rather quaintly titled “Fuck All You”.

Fracas at The Grosvenor

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