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Banksy’s Pants

These are not any old pants, these are hand sprayed Banksy pants

Posted up on Ebay last night (well spotted by Martyn from Nuart on his twitter stream) were a load of pants which are being auctioned off for charity. Included in amongst the smalls of Daniel Day Lewis, Jordan, Joanna Lumley and Ian Hislop (I never thought I’d be writing that list as a line up) is a reworked version of Banksy’s ‘Very Little Helps’. Created with spraypaint and emulsion the kids are now running a pair of pants (American readers might want to look at the picture at this point) up the flagpole. So what’s the significance of this? Simon Hattenstone, the organiser behind the charity auction, explains in the Guardian why he’s been calling up well known figures and asking them for their pants “Look, I’m not a seedy old hack, I help run a drop-in centre for destitute asylum seekers. These people have no money for the basics in life. One of the things they most lack is underwear, so we’re drawing attention to it with an auction of celebrity underwear”.
You can view the Ebay auction and further details here:…

If the starting price of £30,000 is a little too steep you might like to make a donation to the charity here.

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