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Banksy Show – planning on going?

It’s been funny watching the high brow art critics squirm a bit over the Banksy Versus Bristol Museum show. Typically some have questioned the fine art credentials of his work but so as not to look completely out of touch they’ve all pretty much given the show 5/5 for its populist appeal in engaging people with art. They seem to be caught between maintaining their lofty credentials and the fact that this is one of the summer art blockbusters that they make their money writing about.. One exception is Serena Davies, reviewing for the Telegraph, who actually had the guts to come out and say the show ‘succeeds triumphantly in its aim’ and comments very favourably on some of Banksy’s less obvious juxtapositions. Some of her contemporaries need to catch up a bit.

The crowds are still heading to Bristol with the advice on the Museum’s website informing visitors that last entry will be at 4pm due to the very long queues. If you’re planning on going in the next few days or at a weekend you probably need to take that advice on board. Allow yourself a few hours if you want to see / find(!) everything and if you’re taking photos pack an extra memory card and batteries – you’re going to need it!

Here’s a few more photos – there’s more on artofthestate.

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