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England Invaded Again

It’s the last few days of the Invader show at the Lazarides gallery in Rathbone place (closes September 12th). I finally made it down to have a look around and also had a hunt around a bit for some new street pieces. My two favourites have to be these large pieces found above head height in Shoreditch.

The gallery show itself occupies the ground floor of the Lazarides gallery in Rathbone place. It’s all been superbly documented on Wallkandy’s flickr stream so head on over there for a comprehensive look. In the meantime here’s a couple of photos of the large Rubik’s cube piece occupying the back room and a bit about the quick code pieces on display:

I liked the way Invader had constructed pieces out of tiles that can be read by camera phone bar code readers. If you’ve got a camera phone on your mobile you may even have the software to read these pictures without realising it. On my Nokia I found a barcode scanner under Office applications and it’s a simple case of opening that up and pointing it at the picture – you should even be able to ‘read’ these pictures by pointing your camera at them online as well (especially the one Ive simplified at the bottom). When one of these 2D barcodes is recognised the reader will translate it into text or a link.


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