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New Banksy in Croydon

Yeah I know that Croydon has hardly been high on Banksy’s hit list but take a look at this new piece fresh out of the can and tell me who else could have done this?

A punk struggles to get to grips with assembling a Large Graffiti Slogan from IEAK.

Fantastic detailing and colouring (check the shading on the hoodie and box for starters) and a witty statement juxtaposing the difficulties of assembling flat pack furniture with getting a revolution off the ground mark this out as nailed on Banksy piece. The reference to IKEA stretches further than may be immediatley apparent – in the view of the piece below you can see the twin towers of IKEA’s Croydon branch with their distinctive yellow and blue rings.


A little bit more about the location itself; it’s sandwiched between billboards and next to a tram stop. It’s already picked up a bit of extra detailing but lets hope it lasts a bit longer than other recent ground level pieces….

2 thoughts on “New Banksy in Croydon

  • Anonymous

    banksy is GAY

  • Anonymous

    I didn't notice that IKEA was spelt IEAK for a moment. Banksy must be worried about infringing the trademark…


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