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Banksy Hunt / New Shok1 has recently been updated with new work which has led to some frantic hunting around London to find several pieces not previously seen before. The KFC head piece (Islington) and the roller warden (Lewisham) are known to have disappeared already but the ‘Eat The Rich’ anarchist slogan reworking has been found alive and well in Deptford.

Banksy – Eat The Rich (photo Steve Cotton)

Shok1 has also been busy again – this time with a new piece in the Stockwell halls of fame. Loving this style seen earlier in the year at the Cans Tunnel, Alexandra Palace and on a rooftop in Shoreditch.

Shok1 – Stockwell

Shok1 – Stockwell Detail

Shok1 – up on the roof

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  • Anonymous

    banksy eat the rich just made me laugh outloud


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