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Last chance to see the Eelus show

Saturday March 6th is the last day (and last chance) to see Eelus‘s solo show ‘The Colour Out Of Space’ at the Blackall Studios (73 Leonard Street, EC2A 4DS). I finally managed to check out the gallery yesterday and was really impressed by the ideas, art and execution of a well put together body of work. As well as a wealth of major new pieces there is kind of a retrospective feel – basically everything Eelus has put out over the past few years is represented here in some way. It’s great to see the progression made over the years and the development of a distinct style. If you can’t visit in person I’d recommend RJ from Vandalog’s video interview¬†where Eelus reveals inspiration came from both early Santa’s Ghetto shows and heavy metal stalwarts Iron Maiden(!)

Lung mixture (detail)

Firestarter (detail)

Icarus (detail)

Icarus (canvas on right is an edition of 3)

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