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Banksy interviews in the Times and Time Out

Proper Banksy interviews are rare things indeed so its a surprise to see two appear together. Of course its hardly a coincidence that they’ve come along at the same time as the Banksy film ‘ Exit Through The Gift Shop‘ is due to go on national release in the UK from March 5th. The movie itself has been running for the past few days in a specially constructed cinema in a tunnel under Waterloo station where the dripping walls and the rumble of suburban trains certainly add to the experience. Not to mention the burning pile of historical figures next to that nice little old lady HRH Queen Elizabeth unveiling an Anarchy symbol (more pictures on when the limited film run finishes).

Time Out London’s Visual Arts Editor Ossian Ward has conducted an interview with Banksy which is due to be published in the March 2nd issue of the magazine. The cover of the magazine will feature a unique Banksy ‘mixture of spray paint and self portraiture’ and is going to be available to be purchased as a magazine (with all the usual text cover lines removed) and as an edition of 5000 posters (unsigned and costing 10 UK pounds each). Time Out promise that the proceeds from each sale will go the Haiti Earthquake relief effort. You can buy the poster and / or the special edition magazine directly here. The full image itself won’t be released until Tuesday but in the meantime here’s a teaser:

The Sunday Times have also been running a campaign to advertise their interview with Banksy using ‘reverse stencil graffiti’. Flickr stalwart Annar 50 found one of these stencils in Shoreditch with the wording ‘Exclusive Banksy interview and artwork in this weekend’s Sunday Times’ so get down the newsagents early on Sunday if you want to get a copy.

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