The Mighty Mo Line (aka The London Overground extension)

This week saw the launch of the latest section of the London Overground to go live. Running from Dalston Junction down through to New Cross it runs straight through areas like Hoxton and Shoreditch at roof top level. Which is pretty damn handy if you want to see work by climbing graffiti legends Burning Candy and in particular Mighty Mo (based on my quick jaunt along the line on the opening day). Right now its kind of a weird experience riding the line. There’s an odd mix of a few locals trying out the service and a whole host of trainspotter types. So on my left I had someone saying “See right dahn the train inside, init, bruv” whilst on my right the man with the bottom of his trousers not quite reaching his ankles said “Looks like they’re using the same sleepers as in the Euro Tunnel”. I’ll let you work out which one was which.

Mighty Mo and Gold Peg

Mighty Mo and Elmo

Mighty Mo / Cords

Mighty Monkey & Gold Peg (BC)

…here comes the trainspotter bit

London Overground train

First London Overground train – April 2010

One thought on “The Mighty Mo Line (aka The London Overground extension)

  • Nice pictured, very sharp and detailed. What cam did you made them with?


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