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There is a Fourth Way – Vote Toaster

It’s election day tomorrow where we get the chance to put an X in a box to choose between the Conservative/Labour duopoly that’s been in control for all our lives (with apologies to any readers who were over 18 years old about 60 years ago). As usual we get to vote for the one we dislike least or against the one we dislike most. What sort of choice is that? Of course there are other parties but a vote for the Lib Dems won’t see them in power short of a hung parliament. A vote for Clegg and Co does, however, carry the idea that we might just get a shot at some badly needed electoral reform. All very depressing but just when all seemed lost a fourth way has appeared with the clock at two minutes to midnight. New slogans from a previously little heard of political party have appeared. Common sense and salvation are here at last.

On May 6th Vote Toaster. You know it makes sense.


campaign shots: The Toasters

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