Catching up with Elate

Elate’s (aka Jon Hammer) blog has recently been updated with a few great articles but pick of the bunch for me was this writers meet up which looked like a lot of fun. I seem to remember that the last time this happened torrential rain and more conspired to cut down on the painting activities on the day so its good to see the event, which saw a mass of old school writers descend on one location, run smoothly this time. For his piece Jon had the rather nifty idea of painting a Central line train that was in use up to 1995 and then asked¬†other writers to tag it up (Envy, Time, Keen 53, Sharn.E, Wish, Part Two, Fuem ACR, Carl 131, Merc, Coad 5, Fuel, Kis 42, Fued, Colt 45, Prime WRH,¬† Cazbee DSS, Hit and Urge obliged). Finally he overlaid a cut through ‘Elate’ on the top to make a great looking piece. There’s a mass of photos from the day on his blog and a more detailed write up so head on over there to check out more scenes from the day.

Elate’s collaborative piece (photo courtesy of Elate)

Writers doing their thing (photo courtesy of Elate)

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