Meeting Of Styles 2010

International Meeting of Styles 2010 – 21st August 2010, Highbury Studios, Hornsey Street, Islington, London (nearest Tube Holloway Road)

This years international event sees 60 artists from all over Europe work on 12 huge walls at the Highbury Studios in whats being billed as a free block party. Follow the build up on where you can see the walls to be painted along with work by many of the artists involved. Its shaping up nicely to once more becoming a truly amazing event.

Featuring artists: Daze, Crome, Ders, Demo, Blam, Are, Ante, Ekto, Eska, Ebee, Epok, Yesb, Trans, Pryme, Korpz, Jasik, Izer, Inkfet, Essex Rockers, Brave, Item, Vodker, Jive, Vomit, Dead, Mac1, Shok, Estum, Sune, Smug, Replete, Dep, Sorn, Elph, Soker, Sepr, Cheo, Noir, Phorm, Tizer, Bonzai, Zadok, 3dom, Ponk, Cept, Pref, Revert, Probs, Lovepusher, Astek, Zeus, Snug, She1, 3steps, Ozone, Roket, Sebasura, Dulk, Ghetto Farceur, Vaporz, Da Mental and more

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