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Banksy Exit Through The Gift Shop DVD pack / Banksy in Hastings?

Has Banksy been to Hastings? Found on Rollerzorro’s flickr stream (which is full of interesting Banksy items). This piece also appears on the frequently on the money the banksy forum.

source: Rollerzorro

Also appearing yesterday were images of the soon to be released (Sept 6th 2010)  Banksy film ‘Exit Through The Gift Shop’, featuring 2D glasses amongst some other little goodies in a special pack. It’s still a little unclear (to me at least) which version you will get if you have already placed an order on places like Amazon but they are showing this picture on the order page and it has a RRP of £19.99 reduced to £10.93 so I guess this is the one to go for.

One thought on “Banksy Exit Through The Gift Shop DVD pack / Banksy in Hastings?

  • Anonymous

    Dear Banksy don't you know that, « It is derisory to protest against our society without considering the very limits of its language, when pretending we are protesting. It is as if in order the wolf, we comfortably lodged ourselves between its jaws » Roland Barthes… You know, it is not necessary to keep on making some business around your “artistic” daub any more. My point of view is the following, you should rather try to establish something strong around the ethic notion by expressing something very deep, you might also understand that is too complicate for a human nature like you to reach the ultimate brain and transcend your very formalist and simple grafitti codes.
    Valere Chanceaulme.
    « Exit Through MY Gift Shop”
    “Abjection your Honor”, London 2009.
    “Romulus Remus and the clown”. L.A 2005 (please make sure that the “Romulus Remus and the clown” happening doesn't part of street art or public art but only process art”
    Valere chanceaulme


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