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Banksy film Exit Through The Gift Shop – out in the UK today

The special edition of the Banksy Film Exit Through The Gift Shop DVD dropped through the post today and so it was chucked straight into the DVD player to have a look at the extra features. There’s a 15 minute Banksy ‘B’ Movie which contains an interview repeated ad verbatim in The Sun at the weekend (they even had the cheek to claim it was an exclusive)! We get to see some of Guetta’s original film ‘Life Remote Control’ – the first few minutes of which are a truly terrifying dive into appalling editing but then switch to some half (and I mean only half) decent interviews. Even more scary is his ‘creative process’ for his piece for the Cans Festival – no commentary is made but its a real eye opener. Rounding things off are a few bits of footage that didn’t make the cut maybe because they have similarities to scenes already in the film but are still well worth seeing.

Included in the special edition are a pair of 2d(!) glasses (check the instructions on the inside of the frames), a few stickers and a neat postcard. All in all a very neat package and available at the moment for £10.93 on Amazon and at around a similar price in Asda. If you’re in London (150 Oxford Street) or Bristol their HMV stores have what looks like some original Banksy art work as part of their displays for the release.

Banksy Exit Through The Gift Shop DVD

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