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Banksy wins British Documentary Award

From the Independent – Banksy wins award for Most Entertaining Documentary at the British Documentary Awards (aka “The Griersons”).

Banksy won the award for Most Entertaining Documentary for his film Exit Through the Gift Shop. “The winner was a unanimous decision,” said jury chairman Emma Hindley. “It’s a flawlessly made film; original and insightful, it asks questions rather than telling you what to think and at the same time, manages to be very, very funny.”

Banksy even treated the Grierson audience to the sight of his award, customised by his good self as a piece of graf art and resembling a voodoo doll (pictured).

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There’s some good quotes on the Press Association too:

Banksy joked: “This is a very proud moment for me. I’ve always dreamt of winning a Grierson Award ever since I first heard about them two weeks ago.”

The artist, who hides his identity, continued: “I do like to think that in this world of graffiti art – which is essentially mindless, messy and stupid – we finally gave it the kind of documentary it deserves.

“I’ve always been considered a bit of an anomaly in the graffiti community – probably because I use words like anomaly. So I’d like to dedicate this award to all the real graffiti writers out there, the ones risking life and limb every night who never get any kind of recognition. Well, other than having their name written in huge letters on every available surface all over town.”

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